SIAVPN 2024 Review – Heavy logging despite claim without logs

SIAVPN has a user-friendly interface and low prices, but it needs some major improvements before it can compete with our top VPNs. The website contains conflicting information and its no-logging policy does not increase the trust factor.

SIAVPN is compatible with iOS, macOS, Windows and Android. Using VPN for Windows requires an Android emulator. There is no option for Linux or Chromebook. The need to use an emulator to set up VPN on Windows means that anyone new to VPN may have difficulty setting up SIAVPN on the operating system.

Security features include OpenVPN, AES 256-bit encryption, and no logs. After reading the privacy policy / terms of service, it’s clear that the no-logging policy is the exact opposite. There is a whole list of things for which SIAVPN can interrupt your service. It adds that it can collect and store users’ IP addresses, ISP, OS version, emails, connection logs, server usage, data usage, time zone. schedule, etc.

Due to the large amount of data collected by SIAVPN, I cannot recommend using this VPN for torrent / P2P. Despite the fact that the upload and download speeds are quite fast.

Not only that, much of the information on the app, website, and customer support is contradictory. Our research shows that SIAVPN covers 154 countries and 1000 servers. On the other hand, its website’s help page shows more than 300 servers in 20 countries, and its home page has a total of more than 160 countries and more than 3,000 server nodes. After speaking with support our numbers are the right ones, but it shouldn’t take much digging to find out.

The SIAVPN help page also has an About Us article stating that the service offers over 100,000 concurrent connections. This is not quite true, multiple connections are not allowed on mobiles and simultaneous connections are limited to 5 per country.

The first server I connected to using the SIAVPN proxy app failed a DNS leak test. The SIAVPN server was in England but the test showed my real US IP address.

To be honest, it’s not all bad. SIAVPN offers unlimited speed, data and bandwidth for all of its paid plans. It even offers a 3-hour free trial to make sure your device is compatible with VPN software. SIAVPN also offers a free version, but be prepared for a massive amount of ads.

I was able to connect to Netflix momentarily, but the connection to the US server kept dropping. If you’re a streaming fan, check out these VPN designed for streaming.


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